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About UHF RFID tags for water & liquids

If you have any kind of bottles containing water, juice or any other liquid, you may need water tags. As the UHF frequency is to hight to go through clear or sea water, we are not talking about underwater RFID tags here, but application of standard UHF RFID tags to liquid containers.

UHF RFID tags to put on liquid containers

Far from low frequency (LF) RFID tags who are too expensive and not as quickly and readable as UHF RFID tags, we have tested and experienced several solutions to put standard and cheap tags on water containers. Thanks to the collaboration between our customers, partners and ourselves we managed to find innovative and reliable ways to use standard UHF tags on your water containers.
Flag tags, commonly used on jewelry, are really good on liquid containers because the antenna to remain in the air and stay away from the liquid: Only the tail, without any RFID element, is sticked on the product so that the antenna remains easily readable. Flag tags with glue all over the tail are recommended for liquid containers. You can refer to the “glue map” image on the product page to know more about glue.


Because we use standard UHF tags like the one we use for plastics, our solution for water tagging is really cheap. To find the best solution for your project, we now need to know more about it. Explain us what are your challenges using the contact form, it will be a pleasure to help you.


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