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About UHF RFID tags for textile

In most cases RFID tags for apparel are made of nylon. Nylon is a lightweight and durable material that is easy to sew, easy to print and can easily contain the antenna and the chip that forms the tag. They also look like care labels with built in RFID antenna.

Tags for textiles can be sewn, divided into pages or invisible.

Encoded or blank UHF tags for apparel can be found in 3 different shapes:

  1. The most standard are “sewn RFID tags”: These have the shape of nylon or plastic squares that integrate tag and on which we have printed your product information.
  2. RFID tags on pages are very handy when you need to display all the legal information required to sell your product. Their “accordion” design allows you to print your product information and a lot of text in different languages on the front and back of each page. An “accordion” tag for textile can have up to seven pages (14 sides to print on).
  3. Finally, the “invisible” textile tags are the most advanced in this category: They are so thin that they can fit into one of the threads of your apparel product becoming invisible to the customer.

About washes

We perform washing tests on each of our textile tags in order to determine their resistance.
Depending on the needs of your project we can offer you RFID encoded tags that can:
– be destroyed in the first wash,
– resist more washes.

Advanced customer experience

EPC gen 2 standard tags for textile are very useful to manage all your products through the supply chain. In stores, RFIDtags can be part of a new, more interactive customer experience like interactive mirrors, smart fitting rooms, augmented reality, automated checkout and many more!


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