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About UHF RFID tags for plastic

When our customers have a product or a packaging mainly made of plastic and they want to put an encoded tag on it, most of the time we use standard tags like sticker tags. Thanks to their versatility and flexibility, they are suitable for many uses, including plastic and polycarbonate materials.

Specificities of plastic tags

Plastic tags are usually identical to the cardboard tags, but their glue is usually stronger to fit the material.
If the product is more difficult (curved like a balloon, or rugged), we use specific plastic tags that will stick on the material more easily. Produced in less quantity, plastic tags are usually a little more expensive than the standard sticker tags, but by using them you will avoid interruption and rework on your supply chain because of RFID tags being detached from the products.

Types of plastic tags

The use of a plastic tag will be determined by the nature of your product and your project.

  • If your product is flat and smooth: a standard sticker sticker will certainly be suitable.
  • If your product is round or rough: a specific tag will be used.
    Depending on the needs of your project, a stronger plasticized tag can also be considered.

Send us a message to check what solution is best for you.

Glass surfaces

Standard RFID tags for plastic are versatile enough to also work on glass. If you want to use plastic UHF tags on glass, just tell us when you fill the quote form on the left.


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