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About UHF RFID tags for metal

RFID tags for metal, also called “metal tag” or “anti metal tag” are specifically designed to work on metal. By nature, all types of metal (steel, iron, aluminum, carbon fiber…), even in a thin layer, like in alluminized packaging, reflect RFID signals making the chip impossible to read. It also interferes with the tag’s antenna itself but solutions that meet the challenges of metal surfaces have been developed by RFID tag manufacturers and are as good and reliable as any other type of RFID tags.

Why do you need a specific tag for metal?

From hard tags that resist to a lot of pressure to flexible tags that you can attach to curved surfaces, you will always find a tag suitable for the specific environments of your application. We also have metal tags for you to screw or even embed inside your product during the production process.

How it works ?

Because RFID tags are not working on the metal surface itself, metal tags create a gap between the metal surfaces and the tag itself in order to let the RFID signals reach the antenna and activate the chip.


As they are bigger, stronger and specific for metal surfaces, metal RFID tags are also more expensive than regular sticker tags. However, we also have some solutions to put standard (and cheaper) regular sticker tags on metal surfaces depending on your usage.

Low cost metal tags

For low cost products like any everyday product (cans, spray bottles, aluminum foil etc…) it is not possible to use a true hardened metal tag because it will be too expensive. To solve this issue we have several solutions that allow you yo use standard and cheap RFID tags like tags for cardboard or tags for jewelry on metal products or packaging. To be able to achieve that, we have developed specific form factors which detach the tag from the metal surface and make it functional. Fill the quote form on the left and specify your needs for more information.


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