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About UHF RFID tags for jewelry

The most common UHF RFID tags in jewelry are flag tags. The flag designs are used to wrap RFID tags around the most common products in the jewelry industry: rings, necklaces, earrings and watches. The flags tags have been made to be small, discreet, printable and efficient. They are discreet and will remain unnoticed by your customers to let you jewelry shine.

Do not put glue on jewelry

Flag RFID tags have tails of different lengths (the bigger your product is – a watch for example – the more we advise you to take a flag tag with a long tail. Dimensions are available on the product page). Often, on this tail, a part is devoid of glue. You can then attach the tag to your product safely and be sure not to leave any glue on it. Your jewelry remains perfectly presentable to your customers while being equipped with an RFID tag. To be sure to choose a flag tag with a “glue free” part on the tail for your jewelry, please refer to the “glue map” image on the product page.

Anti metal and hang tags on jewelry

For bigger products like watches, you can also use anti metal tags. Because they are anti metal tags, you can use them on a metallic environment like. Hang tags can also be an option if you want to attach your tags more elegantly, with your own attachment. While remaining printable, they have a small hole in which you can pass a small cord or a piece of tissue to be attached to the jewelry.


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