For retail, we always focus on RFID tags that combine high volume, high reliability and low prices. This last part is important because RFID tags for retail are put on everyday life products with low margin.


The most important thing when you choose an RFID tag for food products is to look at the packaging. You will need to choose a different tag if the packaging is made of plastic, cardboard or metal.

Your food packaging is made of :

For more information about packaging & rfid, check our dedicated page.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh food

You can use RFID tags for fresh products like fresh fruits or vegetables. However, you can only use them if they have a packaging. Do not put the label directly on the product without protection.

Your fresh food packaging is made of :

Most uhf RFID tags can also operate in freezers (up to -40° C). Contact us for more info.

Drinks in a supermarket


To identify drinks we have several solutions to allow you to use standard and cheap RFID tags instead of pricy water tags. Whether it’s flat water, soda or spirits, we have 3 solutions for glass, plastic bottles or cans.

Your drinks are contained in :

Rings in a jewelry store


Rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, our RFID tags for jewelery are specially designed to be elegant and discreet. They will fit perfectly in your showcases without leaving any glue on your products.

The best solution for jewelry items is :

If you just want to put RFID on your existing hang tags, you can use cardboard rfid tags.

For more information about packaging & rfid, check our dedicated page

electronics devices (laptop, phone, smartwatch)


As long as RFID tags do not touch the metal of electronic products, we can totally use standard tags. Since most electronics packaging are made of cardboard, we can use cardboard tags.

The best solution for electronic items is :

You have to secure valuable items? Contact us.

buckles with garments on them


For clothing items there is 2 choices following what you use. You can use the hang tag for shoes, pants, underwear and fashion accessories. The care label only goes on clothes.

Your clothings items are tagged with :

For more information about hang tag and care labels, check our dedicated page.

3 pens on an open notebook


For all stationery items we use regular RFID labels for cardboard. As it works perfectly on cardboard, it can totally be used on any paper based item like books, notebooks, reams of paper, etc..

The best solution for stationery items is :

If you stationery items are made of or packed in plastic use plastic tags.

For more information about packaging & rfid, check our dedicated page

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