RFID tags can be used at the earliest stage of the product life: Production.
RFID tags for production are standard tags that can be use for source tagging in every industries.

Choose the type of products you make

Sewing machine

Clothing products

You produce shoes, garment, hats or any other fashion products and accessories, we have a lot of RFID tags that will fit your requirement.

Check our RFID tags for clothing products, go on the :

plastic glass, fork and bottle

Plastic products

Plastic products are one of the easiest product to tag. You can stick nearly any RFID tag for plastic on them. Today you can even embed a tag in the plastic.

The best solution when you produce plastic goods is :

do it yourself tools on a wall

Metal products

For metal or any electronic product, you can use hardened metal tags if your product has a high value. If not, we have solution to allow you to use standard and cheap tags on metal.

The best solution for metal products is :

Boxes in a warehouse

Only tag boxes

Some of our customers are not required to put RFID tags on their goods, but they want to optimize their logistic. To do it cheaply and to test the technology, they only tag the boxes where they put products.

To tag boxes efficiently, check out our :

solar panel for space

You make another type of product

The finish good you make combine several materials? If you are not sure about which RFID tag to put on your products, contact us. It will be a real pleasure to help you.

Squares Platform team is at your disposal :

Any Question? Contact Us.


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