RFID tag for packaging require a little bit of investigation because both the material of your packaging (metal, cardboard, plastic…) and what is inside it (liquid or not) impact the choice of the tag.

Most common packaging

Plastic Packaging

Plastics packaging are very common and it’s very easy to choose RFID tags for them. Thank to their flexibility in term of shapes and sizes stickers RFID tags for plastic are perfect. Because they also are the passive UHF RFID tags the most produced in the world, they are the cheapest ones. Sticker tags for plastic are the same as the the stickers tags for cardboard but with a dedicated glue for plastic.

The best solution if you use plastic packaging is:

Available blank and encoded

Your plastic packaging contain water, gel, powder etc ? See warning below

Exemples of cardboard packaging

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard packaging are everywhere. Easily printable, transportable and recyclable, they are used over all industries. Regardless of the shape or size of your cardboard packaging, you can use RFID self-adhesive (also called stickers) RFID labels for cardboard: They are cheap, reliable and can be produced and encoded quickly. If you order them printed with barcode, just put them on the regular barcode on your packaging.

The best solution if you use cardboard packaging is:

Available blank and encoded

Specific packaging

Metal Packaging

Metal packaging that protects luxury items in boxes or everyday items like cans, spray bottles and even aluminum foil bags, metal packaging are always difficult to tag because metal block RFID signals. Nevertheless, we have several solutions for using standard tags on metal packaging thanks to shapes specially designed for difficult surfaces. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

The best solution if you use metal packaging is:

Available blank and encoded

Different glass packagings

Glass Packaging

Any glass packaging (bottle, vial, jar…) can be tagged with standard RFID tags for plastic. Like plastic, glass itself is not hard to tag. The most important is to consider what’s inside your packaging. If it just protects non-liquid product there will be no worries. If your packaging is a glass bottle that contains a liquid, it will be necessary to pay attention where to place your RFID tag. Contact us for advice.

The best solution if you use glass packaging is:

Available blank and encoded

Your glass packaging contain water, gel, powder etc ? See warning below

Your packaging contain fluid, liquid, gel, powder etc...

Those substances can block RFID signals and make your tags useless. To avoid the use of more expensive water tags we help our customer find a solution where the RFID tag will work even if there is some “non friendly” RFID substances. We can also provide specific & cheap solutions if you don’t have such place on your packaging. If you are not 100% sure, contact us.

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