RFID tags in logistics are really useful to control 100% of what goes in and what goes out of a warehouse.
They can also be used to locate products, boxes or even shelves in real time.

You want to identify or locate

Differents product: watch, shoes, sunglasses


When you want to identify products with rfid tags, you have to pay attention to the packaging material and what is inside of it. Be careful about water and metal. Contact us if you have any question.

Your product packaging is made of :

For more information about packaging and RFID, check our dedicated page.

Boxes in a warehouse


To verify that each box contains the correct order and the correct quantities, you can use standard rfid tags for cardboard. RFID tags can also be placed behind the shipping label.

The best solution to use on boxes is :

A robot in a warehouse


With the arrival of Industry 4.0, warehouses are becoming more automated. This advanced level of automation required a precise identification even for shelves when robots move around or with them. RFID tags for metal can achieve this goal.

The best solution for metal tagging is :

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