RFID tags for healthcare are great to manage, locate and identify all the small items we can find in hospitals and pharmacies.
Small and reliable, you can put RFID tags for healthcare anywhere you want.

Choose the type of products you make

pharmaceuticals packagings alined

Standard packaging

The vast majority of medicines use cardboard or plastic packaging to protect them. Thanks to our small RFID tags it is very easy to tag drugs packaging made of cardboard.

Choose the kind of packaging you use:

close up of pills blisters

Metallic packaging

We have solutions to use standard RFID tags even if you want want put a tag on pharmaceuticals with metal packaging like throat sprays or blisters.

The best solution for pharmaceuticals metallic packaging is :

vaccine vials

Liquid drugs

Putting RFID tags on liquid pharmaceuticals like syrups or vaccines is always complicated, but we have developed standard and cheap liquid tags that you can be used on liquid pharmaceuticals.

The best solution for liquid pharmaceuticals is :

We have already worked with medical companies to tag nearly everything in a hospital, from extinguishers to the compresses packaging used during surgery.

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