2 highly reliables tags are available for the clothing industry.
Care label and hang tags are the most popular RFID tags in the world and also the cheapest ones. Select the one you use below.

Sew label on garment

sewn care labels with RFID

RFID care labels have been design specifically for the clothing industry. Made of nylon, our RFID tags for textile are made to be sewn on the garment. The sewing process of the RFID tag on the garment does not damage any part of the tag because it is placed so that the needle does not touch any part of antenna or the ship. RFID textile tags can have several pages (up to 14 printable pages).

The best solution if you use care labels is:

Available blank and encoded

cardboard apparel labels hang tags

Hang tags with RFID

Like many of our customers, you prefer to use regular hang tags than care labels to put your RFID tag on, you can use our wide range of standard uhf RFID tags for clothing. Whether your cardboard label is large or small, whether you have plenty of room to put a tag on or not, you will be able to choose between a wide range of sizes and shapes and find the RFID tag for cardboard who fit your hang label perfectly.

The best solution if you use hang tags is:

Available blank and encoded

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