Become tag partner

Connect your actual system to Squares Platform and instantly get access to all our users.
Connection is easy, new orders can be treated from our website or sent directly into your ERP following your needs.

Keep your system. Sell more tags.

Increase your production volume

Use the power of our commercial team to get new orders. We are looking for new longterm customers every single days. Become tag partner and make your production lines running.

When we got new customers

From small businesses to big companies than needed billions of tags a year, we have a commercial team that promotes RFID and Squares platform. More users are discovering the benefits of RFID and the power of our platform every day.

You got new customers

When a new customer request a tag you produce in your own factory(ies), we ask you if we can send their orders to you. When you agree, you have more orders to ship so you have more volume to produce. It is that simple.

Without changing your current system

Your system is running fine for years and with it, you make it to this day, this is why you don’t want to change it. We get that so we offer you 3 ways to work with us.

Online management

Login to the tag provider portal and start manage your orders. Receive notification by email, manage your account, update your order status and ship them manually when they are ready.

sFTP + XML file transfert

We have worked with the biggest RFID tag providers to create a standard XML file to transfer through sFTP at each step of the order to make RFID tag ordering more secure and automated.

Plugin to our APIs

We are developing the perfect set of APIs for you to plug in. Get all the information about all your orders and put them anywhere in your system. It is the best way to go!
Coming soon

Let everyone do what they do best

  • You are the best to produce quality tags quickly
  • We are the best to build secure and pleasant platforms

Companies that come together to offer the best possible experience bring new customers. Let your customers use Squares platform!


Great User Interface

Because we listen to our customer’s feedbacks, our platform feels just smooth and our customers really love to use it.

Game changing features

We work with our customers to create features with real added value for them. We make life easier for them.

Infinite scalability

Squares platform was built to handle tens of thousands of orders a day and sell billions of RFID tags a year. And is ready for more.


Always be paid

You are always paid, in time, by automated wire transfers. If a customer does not pay us, recoveries are our problem now.

Improve your security

From our hardware to our software, we always apply the most secure protocols. We will also help you secure our communications.

Cut your development cost

Development of a web portail is not your main job. Don’t worry about bugs or new features anymore: give them professionals.

Thanks to a fully customizable platform, we can do much more for you. Contact us below for more info.

If you want to join Squares platform and keep your actual ordering system for your actual customers, of course it’s possible.

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