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Choose one partner program. In each of the programs, we work together to define your goals and objectives to be the best possible ally for our common growth.


Handheld RFID readers, fixed scanners, antennas or RFID printers, use our global customer network to distribute more RFID readers in your region.


Spread your  software out! Cloud or desktop based, help more customers managing their stores, warehouses or factories with your RFID enable software.


Get more RFID tag orders and manage them online. By becoming a registered RFID tag partner, you focus on on production, we find you more customers.

Become a Squares Platform certified partner today and sell more readers, software and RFID tags while staying in control of your customers. As an independent platform, our goal is to make RFID easy, secure and accessible for all small and large businesses. As experts in RFID tags and project management, we offer our customers some packaged and turnkey solutions for their RFID projects. Jewelry, retail, healthcare, logistics, production, these solutions rely on expert partners like you for RFID readers, business management software or tags.


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