” We allow large and small businesses to choose reliable RFID tags at low prices while they remain free of any vendor and autonomous in their daily management. “

Why choose us ?

We make RIFD effortless, cheaper and safer for everyone, longterm.

Stay focussed on your business. We are independent and committed to manage your RFID tags longterm.


Everything has been prepared for you.

Great tags at good prices at your fingertips. Squares Platform source different suppliers, test their tags and negotiate prices for you. With solutions for every RFID project, you just have to choose a tag, place an order and be delivered; We take care about everything else.


Use one intuitive and powerful platform.

Make your life easier. Get access to an always up-to-date, multi-vendor RFID tag catalog at the push of a button. Ordering tags is easy, encoding is fast, tracking is effortless. We even have APIs for advanced automation & ERP integration.


Stay competitive, choose a longterm partner.

The best partner is the one you forget. By choosing us you get an independent team of 6 years+ experience in retail RFID working for you. Your prices are always up to date and  when a new product that fit your needs has passed our tests, we notify you.

To go further

Touch to learn more

Secure your production

We use multi-sourcing as much as possible to deliver you ASAP and react quickly if anything happen.

Plug your internal ERP

Use our APIs to plugin your ERP & place your orders from your own internal software.

Get specific features

Squares Platform is highly flexible. We can develop specific features to adapt the platform to your needs.

Always be up to date

Your prices are automatically updated and you are notified when a new product passed our tests.

Get helped by experts

Any question? Any advise to help you choose a tag? Just contact us, we are always available.

What kind of customer are you ?

As a regular business you need less than 1 million tags a year.


Don’t be blocked by your “low” quantities: Some RFID tags are available only if you order a minimum quantity.

On Squares platform, you get access to all the tag catalog.


Enjoy great prices made possible by made possible by pooling the quantities of all our customers together.

We even update our prices automatically when we negotiate better ones.


Stay agile, manage every aspect of your encoded or blank RFID tags orders online.

Using Squares platform you can add, edit or delete any information you want in your account 24/7, no need to wait.

As a big business you need several millions or billions tags a year


We already order billions of blank and encoded tags for our customers. Add your quantities to ours to make sure you get the best price out there. In addition, your price is regularly updated.


Some people need reports, other need to track factories production. Regroup your factories, allow people to follow their orders and get your life easier by visually manage your factories across the globe.


Squares platform use multi-sourcing (have several suppliers for 1 product) to secure your RFID tag production, negotiate better prices and remain independent of any vendor.

Security, #1 priority.
Information about a company’s products are crucial. As a web platform builder, we know how important cyber security is and this is why we use industry grade security protocols. Among all our security protocols, all data on Squares platform is encrypted, backed-up several times and only accessible by secured https. On your side you can monitor the activity of all users in your account and are notified if we detect anything unusual.

10 services made for pros

All our services are FREE and available for all our customers. Enjoy.


We encode and double check every single tag you order to make everything just work for you. You also have access to your serial numbers.


As the basic principle of RFID requires, you will NEVER receive an encoded tag with the same serial number. Every tag is unique.

Price update

All our prices are updated once a year. Each new customer brings more quantities who brings a better price for everyone.

Tag update

We are always looking for new and innovative RFID tags that solve our customers’ problems. When we find one, it’s available for everyone.

New features

Our amazing development team is working with customers to create features that solve real problems and make your life easier.

Data protection

We build complex web platform. We have already worked for big retailers. We know your data are sensitive. Security is our #1 priority.

Factory management

Regroup your factories, assign people who can monitor their activities, extract reports and more!

ERP integration

Order blank or encoded RFID tags directly from your company’s ERP by integrating the APIs of an independent platform. Coming soon.

Full autonomy

Download invoices, update information, delete shipping address, cancel orders… You can do anything, anytime, online.

Customer service

Our support and technical team are always happy to help you. You can find their contact everywhere in your account.

Contact our team

Contact our independent RFID expert team now, we will get back to you shortly.

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