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Designed for all types of industries and business sizes, Squares platform is a secure and powerful place for you to order blank and encoded UHF RFID tags.

Welcome to Squares, the most convenient platform for RFID tags.

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RFID as a service

10 free services and more to come…

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Great prices

Because we negotiate RFID tags for all our customers at once, we have great volumes so we have great prices. By joining Squares platform, you will benefit from the volume of our current but also our future customers.

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Wide choice

We have selected the best products from all our partners to offer you a wide range of RFID tags. Retail, automotive, healthcare; Our blank and encoded tags fit nearly all types of industries.

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By joining the Squares platform, you are like us: independent and not related to any specific tag provider. Because we are free, we do not sell you what we are forced to sell, we sell you what will satisfy you best.

1 billion +

RFID tags sold across many industries.

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With decades of research and development, real life applications and proven benefits, RFID is now a strong, versatile and reliable technology. From tiny to large, from flexible to reinforce, RFID tags are agile enough to fit all use cases. This is why it is used in a large and growing number of industries.



With Amazon impulse, a growing number of big retailers are testing or have already deployed RFID tags.
Increased turnover from 3 to 20%, more efficient production, faster supply chain, better customer experience, easier customer service: This is only part of the reason for the massive use of UHF RFID tags in the retail industry.



Passive UHF RFID allows you to precisely identify and count what's in a box, in 2 seconds, without opening it.
Now imagine that you have a million boxes divided into thousands of containers. With RFID tags you can automatically check all of them to improve the quality of your data, deliver faster, greatly reduce management costs and more.



Identify, locate and track raw materials, spare parts and finish good products along all the production line: the "RFID enabled factories" have gained a significant competitive advantage with RFID tags. They allowed them to optimize their production to produce faster and cheaper. Using standard GS1 RFID tags, their customers are also happy to use the tags in their own supply chain and stores.



As a solution to the increasing patient volume and demand for a better patient experience, healthcare facilities use UHF RFID tags for asset inventory management and asset tracking.
With a tag on each medicine box and every critical medical equipment, healthcare facilities never run out of medicine and doctors don't spend time to search for medical equipment anymore, they focus on helping their patients.



RFID is revolutionizing automotive manufacturing to help maintain profit margins in this competitive industry.
Using unique serial numbers, millions of spare parts can be tracked individually to reduce human errors and optimise assembly line. Non standard components can also be tagged to ensure quality and reliability of any type of vehicles.



UHF RFID is a really flexible and reliable technology. It's now so advanced and so cheap that the industry doesn't matter anymore, only the project.

In fact, RFID is now so advanced that it is even used aerospace so don't worry about your project, contact us and we will find a solution to your needs !

We have tags for every usage

Order encoded tags? Very easy.


Choose a tag among all our selections. Use our filters to help you find the best one.


On the product page, download the excel catalog template, fill it and upload it back.


Fill your billing and shipping address, choose your payment method and you’re done.


Each order can be edited, canceled and tracked along all the production process.

For each order to be possible we

Find new tags

When our customer reaches us with a new need, we make sure to find the tag that will fit its requirements and make it available to everyone.

Find new partners

Sometime when we look for a new tag, we find a new partner. Before integrate him to the platform, we make sure he is reliable.

Test tags

When we find a new tag, we test it on multiple materials and in several conditions to make sure of its quality.

Negotiate prices

Squares platform updates its prices once a year after our sales team has negotiated new prices with our partners around the world.

Send your order

When you place an order, we send it the partner who combine the best production capacity, stock availability and location.

Follow production process

Every single order placed on Squares platform is followed by several evolving processes who alert us if anything is abnormal.

Notify you

For you to have total visibility of your orders, we send you an email notification every time the status of your order is updated.

Support you

Count on our customer service to provide quick support and solutions to help you receive your orders in time.

You need RFID tags?

This is what we do for a long time.

RIFD is made of strong but complex standards, coding and algorithm. We combine 5 years of experience in RFID and modern web platform building to make RFID tags as easy as it need to be for you. Learn more

This is just the beginning

Great features are coming:

  • Online catalog management
  • APIs
  • 3rd party ERP integration
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Advanced automation
  • Custom encoding
  • Order options
  • Printing templates


Do you offer active UHF RFID tags?

NO. All of our customers want a large volume of tags for a cheap price, this is why we only use and develop our offer for passive UHF RFID tags for the moment.
If you have a need for active RFID uhf tags, do not hesitate to contact us. If this request is recurrent, we will add some on the platform.

Do you offer LF or HF RFID tags?

NO. The requirement of our customers is to read a large amount of tags as quickly as possible. UHF (Ultra-high frequency) RFID tags allow “multiple tag reading”, which is not supported by HF (High frequency) and LF (Low frequency) technology. That means, in one second, the user can read more RFID tags using UHF than HF (High frequency) or LF (Low frequency) technology.

Do you use the worldwide EPC UHF Gen2 standard made by GS1?

YES. All our passive and “ready to encode” blank UHF RFID tags use the worldwide EPC UHF Gen2 standard. This standard allows great security and interoperability between different systems. If a factory, a carrier, a warehouse and a store use the worldwide EPC UHF Gen2 standard, the UHF RFID tags will be able to be read and used seamlessly by all systems.

More information about the EPC UHF Gen2 standard here.

What does encoded tag mean exactly?

When you order encoded tags on Squares platform, each product you will receive will have an encoded chip and will be printed on top. The encoding and printing parts will both have the same and unique serial number. They will also have the exact information you gave us during your order.

This mean:

  • if you scan the RFID chip with an RFID reader, you will find an EAN + a unique serial number.
  • if you look at the top of the tag
    • you will be able to see a bar-code / data-bar (depending on the chosen option during order)
    • they will have the same EAN and serial numbers that there is in the chip
    • they will have the product information such as product name, product description, product code, size and color you gave us from your “catalog file” during order.
What does blank tag mean exactly?

When you order blank tags on Squares platform, each RFID tag you will receive will contain no information in the chip and no information will be printed on the top. This is why we call them blank: because you receive them blank of any data. In order to encode the RFID chip and print on the top of the tag you must own an RFID label printers. Put your blank tag in the printer for them to become encoded tags.

Squares platform provides an encoding service that uses the full potential of the custom made machines made by our partners. They are able to produce and check hundreds of thousands of tags a day and work 24/7 if needed. Just select the “Encoded” option during your order.

Do you manage serialization?

YES. Every encoded tag ordered on Squares platform will have a unique serial number. You have nothing to do, it’s free and automatic when you place your order.

This mean:

  • If you place your first order of 100 encoded tags for an item today, serial numbers from 1 to 100 will be applied to your tags and consumed forever.
  • If you place an order for the same item tomorrow / in a month / in 10 years, serial numbers will start from 101.

You are able to find the serial number in the RFID chip and the information is also printed on the RFID tag for visual check.

You can find the last serial number used for an EAN in your account > item catalog.

Can I check the latest serial number used for a product?

YES. For the moment, the only way to check the last serial number used for a product is to send to our support team an email with a list with all the EANs that belong to you and for which you want to know the latest serial numbers used.

We are actively working on an important feature who will allow you to manage all your catalog information online, including the last serial number used. You can stay informed about next features to come here.

What language can i use in the catalog file?

You can use any language you want.

For encoded tag, we require a catalog file. This catalog can be downloaded, edited by yourself and uploaded back during the order process. To fill this catalog with your product information we will use to encode your RFID tags, you can use Latin, Chinese, Indian or any other type of symbols.

We are actively working on an important feature who will allow you to manage all your catalog information online. You can stay informed about next features to come here.

Do you sell RFID management software or RFID readers?

NO, but we have partners to advise you. Their softwares and readers work perfectly with all the RFID tags sold on Squares Platform.

Tag provider?
We are making RFID easier for you too !

Let’s work together! You will sell more volume without changing your current system.
We offer a lot, for free, to help you grow your business with us.

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